WCA was established in 1991, originally as an alliance of Housing Associations who wanted to give their communities a stronger voice in local decision making. 

In 2005 we became a registered charity. 

Fast forward to today and we are still committed to strengthening the voices of local people, communities and our voluntary sector in Wandsworth.


What WCA does to strengthen local voices

  • Empower local people to have an effective voice in their community, particularly in the development of local health and social care services
  • Acts as a liaison point between our communities the NHS in Wandsworth and Wandsworth Council
  • Build strength in the voluntary sector by supporting the development of networks and skills


Find out more about WCA objectives.

Our values

We do what we do because we believe that effective change comes when an individual or community is able to recognise, value and build upon their ownassets.

This isn’t always straight forward or easy, but we work with a range of marginalised communities, to try and ignite, inspire and support thispositive change and in doing so improve a communities well being.

At the core of our work is a recognition that, with the right support , encouragement and resources people possess the potential to take ownership of their own situation and condition and make a positive change.

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We are a small, friendly, cohesive team with a diverse wealth of skills and experience

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Creating connections and helping people help themselves

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Meet the trustees that guide our strategic direction and lead the WCA team to success

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We couldn't do what we do without the skills and dedication of our fabulous volunteers 

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