Mission and objectives

There are many ways that we work with local people to strengthen their voice, our communities and our voluntary sector in Wandsworth.


Our objectives

Help people to help themselves

Advise, coordinate and supply tools which support people's right to associate and organise to help themselves and others


Listen and take part in active dialogue

Maintain a constant dialogue with local people, voluntary sector and community groups through attendance at relevant community forums and meetings


Work in partnership to grow in strength and retain independence

Help to build resilience through a strong voluntary and community sector


Create connections

Work to connect communities and organisations around shared values and aims for the benefit of the wider community/for the improvement of health and well being.


Build platforms and tools for meaningful involvement

Design and coordinate initiatives which support communities and individuals to play a meaningful part in decision making processes and to dictate the terms of their own inclusion.


Collect evidence

Organise ourselves in a way that enables us to obtain and speak with a collective voice.


Encourage communication

Create, mobilise and implement models to support communication and channel information between people in the community and decision makers.


Influence and effect change

Build an openness and tolerance amongst authorities for new coproduced and innovative ways of working.


Recognise potential and release community capacity

Continue to work to support community and service user development needs, capacity building and asset transfer processes.