Developing small voluntary groups

Case Study - WCA’s Developing Small Voluntary Groups (Migrant Project)
Supporting Relationships and Families

A successful bid to the Beatrice Laing Trust by WCA meant it was able to offer development support, for a limited period, to three local voluntary groups working with migrants.  One group was Supporting Relationships and Families (SRF), initially established to support and raise awareness of the adverse effects of broken attachment on children and families, mainly of African-Caribbean origin, however SRF had gradually broadened its scope to include individuals and families from all backgrounds, who had experienced broken attachment, separation and through migration. 
The group had achieved charitable status but its development and growth had stalled.  Working with WCA enabled SRF to identify why this was and the support it needed from the project to overcome this.  It was clear that, part of its inability to develop was due to a lack of organisational support and infrastructure which had become a barrier to their sustainability because they were not attractive to funders. 
As a direct result of the 3 month engagement in this project, the group has:

• Improved its internal structures;
• Developed policies and procedures;
• Recruited a volunteer to help with administrative tasks;
• Recruited a volunteer fundraiser;
• Better connections with the community;
• Broadened its scope to work and collaborate with other refugee groups in the borough;
• Successfully bid for Grassroots Grants funding to deliver an event locally;
• Successfully bid for a £10,000 grant from the National Lottery;
• Sourced necessary office computer (free of charge);

SRF had provided the following feedback following the year’s intervention provided by WCA:
“Delia was able to highlight the major weakness of the organisation, which was the absence of written documents of policy and procedure.  She observed the lack of an Administrative volunteer, and a volunteer fund raiser, and promptly helped by advertising for person and a very experienced and capable administrative volunteer was found.  The filling of this post is valuable to the life of SRF.


Delia’s work was impressive and a model from which I have learnt a great deal and on behalf of SRF extend my sincere thanks and appreciation of the assistance given so efficiently and pleasantly. “

Elaine Arnold PhD, Director, Supporting Relationship and Families (SRF).

Read the full report Beatrix Laing Report Developing Small Voluntary Groups (Migrant Groups)


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