Avril Horsford

Avril Horsford 3rd


Avril Horsford first joined the WCA as a volunteer member of Healthwatch Wandsworth, Enter and View team; and became a WCA Trustee in May 2019. As a trustee, her current focus is with jointly delivering the shared objectives of fellow WCA trustees; with a particular interest in supporting health and well-being through community engagement and cohesion.

Since becoming a Wandsworth resident, Avril has been an active volunteer with community groups in the Borough, both formally and informally; and in her particular interest in community involvement, she has established activities such as art classes for sheltered housing residents, and local community activities, including local festivals and many other initiatives which aimed to encourage isolated members of her local community to meet and mingle.

Avril has spent her professional life in senior positions in higher education by lecturing and heading teams in universities. In addition to her contribution as a subject lecturer, her broader areas of institututional specialism included Quality Assurance in Education, and promoting  Equality and Diversity throughout, in response to the national legislative and educational objectives. 

Avril developed her interest in health and social care as a senior contributor to the teacher training and education courses for university staff, coupled with the general support students required for successful completion of their studies.

She has also been active in leading the Race, Equality and Heritage developments in education, and her lifelong interest in the education of young people has expanded into a general concern for the health and welfare of all members of our communities, regardless of their age.

Adding that it is her personal experience of the healthcare provision for senior residents in other parts of the Country that is the true focus of her current concerns, Avril is particularly aware of the questionable quality of the services provided for seniors members of communities, throughout the Country; and hopes that her involvement as a WCA trustee will go some way to making a difference, locally.