Photo of Caroline


Caroline has more than 15 years’ experience in managing volunteers in the heritage and charity sectors I can contribute to your work, and has had the responsibility for 2,500 volunteers engaged in roles from service provision to fundraising alongside a staff team of 6 based across the UK.

Caroline’s personal experience as a volunteer in various roles including supporting children living with HIV and professional experience in delivering volunteer-led services for cancer patients have taught her a great deal about the patient experience.

She has gained experience in setting up peer support and awareness outreach services and delivered funded programs and corporate partnerships successfully. Her understanding of balancing business objectives with charitable outcomes while prioritising the patient experience is a perspective that will fit well with that of the WCA Board.

With extensive experience as an employee and volunteer in the Third Sector, she hopes to bring strategic thinking, creativity, and practical knowledge of the patient experience and volunteer management to the role of Trustee for Wandsworth Care Alliance.