Photo of Jeremy


Jeremy Cowper joined the WCA Board as a Trustee in May 2014 and took on the role of Chair from April 2016 when Cherill Scott stood down. Jeremy is serving as interim Chair of Healthwatch Wandsworth Executive during 2019 while the leadership arrangements are being reviewed.

Jeremy’s experience of the health and social care sector before he joined WCA was as a service user and carer of a family member.

Jeremy retired as a senior civil servant after a career as a policy administrator, including work at the centre to modernise the organisation, governance and performance of the public sector. Later on, as part of responsibilities for government policy for food and agricultural production he was on the board of a company promoting the growth of co-operatives in UK farming and food.

A word from Jeremy: “WCA’s goals of helping to improve health and social care outcomes, in particular by bringing users’ experience into the commissioning and delivery of services, and of helping to develop the capacity and co-ordination of the voluntary sector locally are all about people working together. I welcome the chance to contribute to them, along with our many volunteers and representatives, the staff team and all the people we work with across the sectors.

Good governance of WCA will help to build up our capacity to deliver and build on the expertise and experience of many years, and to maintain confidence in WCA as a partner.”