Learning Difficulties and Coronavirus

Learning Difficulties & Corona Virus

We have compiled a list of resources for people with learning difficulties and disability.
We hope this can be a practical resource:

Easy Read pamphlets:

Click the links to download these pamphlets:

Easy Read - General Info About Corona Virus
East Read - Tips For Good Mental Health
Coronavirus Poster - What if you get ill
Coronavirus Poster - How to stay safe
Coronavirus Poster – Tips for good mental health
Coronavirus Poster - Covid-19 and health issues
Coronavirus Poster - Photo symbols

Wash your hands more often

Public Health England:
Guidance on protecting people most likely to get very poorly from coronavirus (shielding)


Coronavirus Advice
Stay at home advice
Learning Disability Helpline


Share Community:
There are activities and resources on their website and they're exploring additional ways of getting resources to people who may be very isolated.
Share Community

Keep Safe
Being Safe, Staying In Newsletter
Changes to the Care act:


Advice about Coronavirus


Together Matters

Over many years Together Matters gas been supporting families to make a plan for emergency situation. Sometimes this has been by working practically with a group of families to get them written or training staff to support families.
In the Thinking Ahead guide, which has a broader range of information about planning for the future, section 7 is Making a plan for emergencies. Some of the ideas could be used now such as writing down information about what would keep a person safe and well should their carers become ill, having a list of important phone numbers of services, family and neighbours.

Here’s a link https://www.togethermatters.org.uk/7-making-a-plan-for-emergencies-pdf-2/

There is also a template that you can fill in (you could do this on your computer and share with other people by email to get their ideas and offers of help). Some of the questions will not be so relevant in the current situation but it should be an easy place to start. The template for the emergency plan is at the end of the section but you could also use other templates to gather information that could be useful for a plan (People in my Life, What is important to and important for, Good day-bad day).

Here is the link https://www.togethermatters.org.uk/templates-pdf/

There is other information on the Together Matters website that might be helpful so, if you are able to, have a look around www.togethermatters.org.uk .
If anyone would like more information or support about making an emergency plan please email Christine@togethermatters.org.uk