Please note to qualify for a ticket you need to be:

  • 65 years of age or older
  • Living in the London Borough of Wandsworth


Applying for guest tickets to the Christmas Day event is by post.


Please contact a member of Rotary Club of Battersea Park if you have any queries or email the Rotary Christmas Day coordinator:

Please note: the Rotary Christmas Day office is manned from Monday – Wednesday 10am – 2pm so your message may take a few days to answer.

We have now started to organize our Christmas Day Event 2019. If you would like to donate or volunteer at this event, please go to our Christmas website where you can find more details. or for Tickets: 

The Battersea Christmas Lunch and Tea Party is an annual event of the year and brings together people 65 and older with volunteers from all over the borough of Wandsworth.  As well as a delicious 3 course meal for the attendees, the music, games and dancing make it a hugely popular and long-standing event, held in the beautiful grounds of Battersea Park, at the Christmas Events Marque. Transport is also provided for every elderly person that needs it!

If you would like to attend or know someone that would, get in touch with the Rotary Club on 020 722 3234 and they will send you an application form.