Covid 19 vaccination programme – Small grants for voluntary and community organisations



As the vaccination programme rolls out and is now reaching adults across most age brackets, it has become clear that some groups within Wandsworth have had a lower than average take-up than others.

This grant scheme is intended to facilitate activities targeted at specific communities in the borough which will encourage more local people to be vaccinated.


Excluded groups

SW London Clinical Commissioning Group (SWLCCG) is aware that the following groups are at particular risk of exclusion from the vaccination programme:

  • People from Black African communities
  • People from the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities
  • People from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • Asylum seekers, refugees and migrants
  • People living with other health issues
  • People with some disabilities
  • People experiencing low income

This is not an exhaustive list. Voluntary and community groups may be aware of other communities who may be at risk of exclusion from the vaccination programme.


Proposed Activities

SWLCCG have identified three major barriers to people accessing vaccination:

  • Confidence: people may be reluctant to trust the vaccine or the vaccine process for a range of reasons
  • Convenience: people may find it difficult to access the vaccine programme – whether for logistical reasons or administrative reasons or because they are time poor or for other reasons.
  • Complacency: people may not feel this is a priority for them, especially if they are younger.

 Proposals will be welcome from voluntary and community groups which:

  1. Provide insights into the barriers unvaccinated people experience and identify specific solutions, or
  2. Directly address those barriers for specific groups. 

We recognise that grants will fund activities which are small scale and tightly targeted. This is an opportunity to engage more deeply with the people you work with and provide bespoke support to encourage them to take-up the vaccination offer.


Application process

This is very much about supporting a slate of projects which will address low vaccine take up across the excluded groups. With the commissioners, we will be looking for a balanced set of activities. We are also looking for activities which are imaginative in their approach to the issues; very grounded in the experience of the communities they are working with; and deliverable within the time frames. To that extent, we will be very open to working with applicants to shape their projects to achieve the best outcomes for beneficiaries overall.

Applicants are invited to submit an initial expression of interest (maximum 2 pages A4). This should cover:

  • An introduction to your organisation – what you do, with whom and where (with a link to your website if you have one)
  • The group(s) you would propose to target with your activity
  • A brief description of your proposed activity, making clear whether you would be aiming for insights or directly tackling barriers – why have you chosen this activity?
  • How many people you would expect your activity to reach
  • A brief budget (maximum grant £3k)
  • An indicative timetable
  • Full contact details.

You can use the application form attached or present your expression of interest in your own format.

Expressions of interest should be sent to Melanie Nock  by 5pm on Monday 12 July.

We expect to discuss applications with applicants and are happy also to offer advice and support. Please contact Melanie as above if you need information or want to talk through your idea.

Decisions will be made by 15 July and activities should plan to start by 1 August and be completed by 30 September.

We will invite all grantees to a sharing workshop at the end of August. Evaluations and monitoring reports will be required by 30 October.

For the application form, click here: Application Form

For further information or to submit an expression of interest please contact