SEN Talk


Understanding Autistic Thinking and Interoception for Greater Inclusion and Well-Being

Monday 23rd November

8:30 am - 9:30 am


In this talk, Dr. Emma Goodall will introduce some of the key differences between autistic and non-autistic thinking -- how our understanding impacts the creation of inclusive environments in society, such as home and school, and how we might use what we learn to facilitate the achievement of autistic children and young people.

She will then talk about how interoceptive awareness can be used to build inclusion whilst supporting a decrease in behaviour that challenges self or others.

Dr. Emma Goodall is an autistic adult and autism researcher, author, consultant, and education professional who has taught, consulted and written policy across a wide range of educational and disability settings in Australia, New Zealand, England and mainland Europe.


This will be a livestream event over YouTube.

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