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We need your help!


Good evening friends,

As you may know we have been nominated for the UK’s Largest Diversity Awards the National Diversity Awards in association with ITV News. The voting for this award nomination was supposed to close this week, but the good people and NDA have decided to extend the deadline to 8th June- which means there is still time to support us if you haven't already. 

We were, as you can imagine blown away by this news. It is not often small organisations get to share their journey and impact on a national platform. We are so thankful to all the amazing families and organisations that we have worked with over the last four years which has made a huge impact on the local SEND community.

Which has included us; 

supporting 2,248 children and families 
providing 911 children with clubs activities
offering support, advice and advocacy to 944 parents and carers
providing respite breaks and trip to 233 children and their families

But,  we needs your help... 
We are asking families, professionals and the wider community to help us take our story to the final by voting  for us. Share your Sen Talk story, let them know what we've done and how we've helped the community. 

There are a few simple steps to cast your vote: 

1) Use the link to submit your nomination:
2) Validate you vote - Look out for an email from the NDA after you've submitted your vote and validate your vote by clicking on the link. If you don't do this, they wont count your vote sadly. 

* Please note the validation email may go to your SPAM/JUNK folder so have a check in there.